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“You have so much potential!” Do you cringe when you hear this?

You know you can do amazing things, but you never seem to live up to your own self-imposed standards.

Maybe you can relate…

Things others find difficult come easily to you, but things others find easy are really, really hard.

You feel both too much, and never enough at the same time.

You hate hard work, but love a good challenge.

Your outside the box thinking has been the source of both praise and criticism.

You procrastinate to avoid having to be perfect.

You skated through early school but crashed in high school or college (or even dropped out). 

You excel at high level thinking, but memorizing basic facts is a challenge.

You tried to get tested for a disability, but you were told you “performed too well,” or you were identified as disabled but no one recognized your gifts.

If any of these ring a bell for you, you might be twice exceptional!

Twice-Exceptional is an umbrella term for people who are both gifted and neurodivergent. Neurodivergence includes not only ADHD and Autism, but any other neurological or mental health condition that impacts the human brain.

Many twice-exceptional people either go undiagnosed because their gifts mask their deficits, or their gifts go unrecognized because their deficits mask their gifts.

The long-term impacts of unaddressed neurodiverse conditions can include burnout, shame and viewing symptoms as character flaws.

Unrecognized giftedness can lead to imposter syndrome, unhealthy perfectionism and challenges with feeling self-worth.

I started Embracing Intensity to support neurodivergent people to recognize their strengths and stop pushing against their weaknesses.

I’ve created resources to help find ways to work with your brain instead of against it.

Now you can access all my current and future courses and tools for just $4.99 then 19.99 a month!
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The long-term impacts of unaddressed neurodiverse conditions can include burnout, shame and viewing symptoms as character flaws.

Unrecognized giftedness can lead to imposter syndrome, unhealthy perfectionism and challenges with feeling self-worth.

I started Embracing Intensity to support neurodivergent people to recognize their strengths and stop pushing against their weaknesses. I’ve created resources to help find ways to work with your brain instead of against it.

Now you can access all my current and future courses and tools for one low monthly membership of 19.99 a month after your free 3 day trial!

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  • What are the benefits of joining the Embracing Intensity Course Membership?
    Join and get immediate access to:

    Ignite Your Power Self-Regulation Course w/ 12 Comprehensive Workbooks, Lessons and Rewards!

    Gain access to my online course to help use your intensity to connect with your unique strengths, balance your energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in your life!

    This self regulation course is designed to help use your neurodivergence in a positive way. Explore different ways to harness the power of intensity instead of masking it or letting it take over. Use practical strategies for problem solving and finding innovative solutions with the understanding there’s no one best way to meet our needs.

    The Embracing Intensity Community

    Join our community of gifted and neurodivergent individuals supporting each other in building a neuro-inclusive culture and awareness of neurodiversity. Connect with real experiences and real people who “get it,” and explore the courses and tools together. Share your own neurodivergent voice with the voices of other neurodiverse individuals who are ready for a paradigm shift in how we look at our neurological differences.

    Guest Speaker Library with 31+ Talk & Discussion recordings

    Our guest speaker series and discussion library includes multimedia presentations with neurodivergent voices on relevant topics like imposter syndrome, perfectionism and positive disintegration. You can find our upcoming events here.

    Stop Spinning Your Wheels: mini-course

    Everyone has always told you that you have so much potential, but you can never seem to live up to your own expectations. You know you need to practice better self-care, but who has the time? There’s so much you want to do that you think you’ll never achieve it all. So instead you keep spinning your wheels and getting nowhere at all! I’ve been there myself, which is why I created this short course to help dynamic people get unstuck!

    Find Your Power Word: 5 day challenge

    You’ve been holding parts of yourself back because you don’t want to be seen as “too much,” you worry about speaking up for fear of saying the wrong thing and you undervalue your own contributions while overvaluing the contributions of others. The time is over for diminishing your gifts. Now, more than ever, the world needs the full power that is you! Join our 5 day Find Your Power Word Challenge to help you connect with your powerful theme for the year.

    Seasonal Retreat Guides

    Create your own self-guided retreat with the retreat planning guide and seasonal retreat modules for winter, spring and summer retreats (fall still to come) that I collaborated on with my mom Rev. Dr. Linda Weaver Horton. This is a series of simple guides for restful, renewing, growthful mini-retreats that you can follow exactly and/or adapt to be a unique fit for you! Each season offers three modules that can be experienced individually or put together into a day and a half seasonal retreat, perfect for a reconnecting weekend getaway!
  • What topics are covered in the Guest Call Library?
    Asyncronous Development in Gifted Adults
    Breaking the Stress Cycle with Zarya Rubin, MD
    Building Confidence & Resilience with Cosette “CoCo” Leary
    Connecting with Nature w/ Rukshana Triem
    Decolonizing Neurodivergence w/ Dr. Kimberly Douglass
    Drama vs. Passion with Alexandra Loves
    The Embracing Intensity Journey w/ Aurora Remember
    Finding Your Way Back to the Playground w/ Gary Ware
    Fostering Self-Compassion in Gifted Individuals w/ Heather Boorman
    The Gifted Shift w/ Anamaria Call
    Goal Setting & Fear w/ Clinton Fetters
    Honoring Your Sensitivity with Leah Walsh
    The Importance of Play with Boontarika Sripom
    Imposter Syndrome with Kate Arms
    The Intersection of Queerness & Neurodivergence with Leela Sinha
    Intuitive Flow with Kari Betton
    Neurodivergent Social Connection w/ Mara McLoughlin
    On Motivation w/ René Brooks
    Overexcitability with Chris Wells
    Perfectionism w/ Aileen Kelleher
    Playing with Your Inner Critic with Jeff Harry
    Positive Disintegration w/ Chris Wells
    Resilience w/ Silver Huang
    Self-Advocacy w/ Dr. Matt Zakreski
    Talking with Your Inner Critic w/ Shannon Meade
    Time Management with Emily Roach
    Thriving with Intensity w/ Kate Arms
    Twice Exceptional Relationships w/ Dr. Melanie Hayes
    The Wall of Awful with Brendan Mahan
    Writing to Heal with Nneka Coxeff
    Your Rainforest Mind Book Study w/ Paula Prober
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    You can access your settings within your ThriveCart dashboard under Settings > Account-wide settings > Customer hub > Subscriptions
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    Be sure to save the link to our membership log in page: https://learn.embracingintensity.com/l/

    This is where you can access all free and paid membership content outside of the Embracing Intensity Community. Be sure your log-in and password are saved.
  • Where do I find the Embracing Intensity Community?
    You can find the community, events and discussion at community.embracingintensity.com
  • Is there a membership app?
    You can access the Embracing Intensity Community through the Mighty Networks app, which you can find:

    here for Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mightybell.mb&hl=en_US&gl=US

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    There’s a link to the Membership Content in the navigation menu and featured post. It’s helpful to have your password autofill turned on in your phone’s settings. You may have to log in again if the app is fully closed out.
  • What content is coming next?
    Monthly Planner Pages

    Gain early access to monthly planner pages designed especially for gifted and neurodivergent creatives including basic planner pages, habit trackers, dot grid journals. stickers and more. Requests accepted for what you would like to see next!

    Befriending Your Brain Self-Assessment Guide & Course Series

    Discover self assessment tools to explore your brain differences and better understand how you process information with a strengths-based lens. Learn resources to support your executive function and explore tools to identify and connect with your gifts so you can stop working harder and start working smarter – for you!

    Chaotic Creator Club

    As a content creator myself, I know how hard it can be to keep up with the demands of consistent social media. I’ve spent the last year researching and finding tools to help simplify your social media presence. I will soon be offering done for you social media content specific for neurodivergent creators including engagement questions, video prompts, product mockups, photo scene creators and more!
  • How can I earn back my membership cost?
    You can earn 25% a month per member for referring others to join our community. Just sign up for an affiliate link here, and share that link: https://embracingintensity.thrivecart.com/embracing-intensity-membership/partner/
  • What if I'm not quite ready to commit?
    No problem!

    You can still access my Embracing Intensity Community free, get a copy of my first workbook on Harnessing the Power of Your Intensity and get updates on upcoming calls by signing up for my monthly newsletter at: https://embracingintensity.com/community/
  • What if I have more questions?
    You can contact me at auroraremember@gmail.com if you have any more questions.