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Embracing Intensity Guest Call Library
2024 Speakers

I’m super excited to announce our guest speakers for 2024! We’ll meet on the 3rd Sat of most months. 


Jan - Kimberly Douglass - Gamified Learning for AuDHD Adults: Play as a Tool to Decolonize Neurodivegence 

 Feb - Christine Fonseca - Emotional Intensity 

Mar - Jeff Harry - Dismantling the Patriarchy Through Play 

Apr - Sharon Burton - Creativity 

Dates TBD:

Princess Fortier - Healing Power of Music 

Bob Yamtich - Nonviolent Communication 

Jenelle Woodlief - Nervous System Regulation 

Chris Johnson - ND Community 

Aurora Remember - Self Assessment Tools

About the Embracing Intensity Community

The Embracing Intensity Community is a community of gifted, creative and neurodivergent individuals who are exploring their strengths while supporting their challenges.

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  • What topics are covered in the call library?
    Asyncronous Development in Gifted Adults
    Breaking the Stress Cycle with Zarya Rubin, MD
    Building Confidence & Resilience with Cosette “CoCo” Leary
    Burnout to Brilliance w/ Zarya Rubin, MD
    Connecting with Nature w/ Rukshana Triem
    Decolonizing Neurodivergence w/ Dr. Kimberly Douglass
    Drama vs. Passion with Alexandra Loves
    The Embracing Intensity Journey w/ Aurora Remember
    Finding Your Way Back to the Playground w/ Gary Ware
    Fostering Self-Compassion in Gifted Individuals w/ Heather Boorman
    The Gifted Shift w/ Anamaria Call
    Goal Setting & Fear w/ Clinton Fetters
    Honoring Your Sensitivity with Leah Walsh
    The Importance of Play with Boontarika Sripom
    Imposter Syndrome with Kate Arms
    The Intersection of Queerness & Neurodivergence with Leela Sinha
    (ND) Intimacy w/ Cate Osburn
    Intuitive Flow with Kari Betton
    (ND) Labels w/ Aurora Remember
    On Motivation w/ René Brooks
    Never Leave the Playground w/ Rukshana Triem
    Overexcitability with Chris Wells
    (ND) Social Connection w/ Mara McLoughlin, SLP
    Perfectionism w/ Aileen Kelleher
    Playing with Your Inner Critic with Jeff Harry
    Positive Disintegration w/ Chris Wells
    (ADHD) Productivity w/ Arianna Bradford
    Resilience w/ Silver Huang
    Seeing Life Through a Different Lens w/ Zaakirah Muhammad
    Self-Advocacy w/ Dr. Matt Zakreski
    Talking with Your Inner Critic w/ Shannon Meade
    Time Management with Emily Roach
    Thriving as a Twice Exceptional Adult w/ Dr. Melanie Hayes
    Thriving with Intensity w/ Kate Arms
    Twice Exceptional Relationships w/ Dr. Melanie Hayes
    The Wall of Awful with Brendan Mahan
    Writing to Heal with Nneka Coxeff
    Your Rainforest Mind Book Study w/ Paula Prober

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